Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Colonial Trades - Anchor Chart

We're studying Colonial America in kindergarten and I think the most interesting part of what we've learned so far has been the various trades of the day (well....bartering was pretty cool...see my previous post!).  We've read some text, watched some YouTube videos, and then the kids helped me come up with ideas for an anchor chart.  

The video we watched also included candle makers and printers, but of course, we forgot to include these!  We discussed our favorite trade, acted these out, and of course, the students drew their favorite one.  I'll let you guess what over HALF of my class chose....

Keep thinking.....

What could it be?



Some of my darling students drew pictures that looked like they were holding handguns!  Isn't it always nice to find out who was truly paying attention?  I'm sure that's going to go over well with my parents when they see the gun drawings!!  Ugh!

Here's our cute little reference chart:

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