Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hashtag Sale - Coming soon!! #christmasinjuly

I absolutely LOVE hashtag sales (especially when everything is reduced to $1.00)!!  

That's right,'s like the Dollar Tree online!  

When is the sale?
Get ready to find a plethora of items all marked down to $1.00 on July 25th - 27th (next Tuesday - Thursday).  

How do I get started?
Just type #christmasinjuly in the TpT search bar and get ready to find some awesome deals!!  

What do I do now?
Use this time to LEAVE FEEDBACK on all items you have purchased in order to earn FREE shopping credits!!  Many people either aren't aware that you can do this or, like me, sometimes forget to do this, so be sure to 'cash in' on your former purchases!!!

How to leave feedback:
1.  Go to TpP and look under "MY PURCHASES" to get started.
2.  Click the tab that says "PAID PURCHASES" and look for items that need feedback.
3.  Bam!!  Earn credits to reduce the price of future purchases!  It's that easy!

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Happy shopping! 

Monday, July 17, 2017


Here's another AWESOME GROUP GIVEAWAY this summer!  Please check out the co-hosts links and use the Rafflecopter box below for your chance to win a $25 Teachers Pay Teachers GIFT CARD!  The contest will run through July 24, 2017.



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Sunday, July 16, 2017



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Fancy winning some extra spending money to help you purchase everything you need for your 2017-18 classroom? Myself and a team of amazing teachers have grouped together to gift THREE awesome teachers TPT gift cards. 

1 x $200 TPT Giftcard, 1 x $200 Amazon Giftcard, 1 x $25 Starbucks Giftcard, and 1 x $15 Starbucks Giftcard!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Summer is going by so quickly and I was given the joyous responsibility to create an assessment for our incoming kindergarten students!  Knowing that time is limited, but that we need data to sort students fairly, I've created an assessment to measure some of the basics for our students: 

* Uppercase Letters
* Lowercase Letters
* Letter Sounds
* Sight Words
* Writing Your Name

* Counting to 100 (no chart...just counting orally)
* Counting by Tens
* Identifying Numbers 0 - 20
* Counting Objects 
* Writing Numbers to 25
* Addition 
* Subtraction

I've included a data sheet as well, so wish me luck!  This is our first time sorting students in advance with ACTUAL DATA!  I'm excited!!

I've also slowwwwwly moving toward changes in my product covers!  I'm pretty proud, but this took entirely too long to make...and then it was too big to upload to TPT!  Ugh!

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How many of you test kindergarten students in advance?  What skills are a priority to you?  Please feel free to leave comments below!

If you're interested in purchasing or downloading the preview, click this link:

Monday, June 5, 2017


Are you looking for some awesome freebies for your classroom?  This Collaborative eBook has over 200 FREE product links from a wide variety of sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We have featured our BEST FREEBIES to share with you! 

All that is asked in return is that you "PAY IT FORWARD" by doing the following: 
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I hope you enjoy this collaborative effort and enjoy exploring new stores!  Click below for a preview:


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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Editable Awards

My classroom awards have been updated to include 35 editable awards!  Be sure to click 'scale to size' via print preview prior to printing.

Here are the new categories....drum roll please:

* Amazing Athlete Award
* Amazing Attendance Award
* Awesome Artist Award
* Awesome Attitude Award
* Blooming Behavior Award
* Cheerleader Award
* Dazzling Dojo Award
* Endless Enthusiasm Award
* Excellent Example Award
* Fabulous Friend Award
* Great Growth Award
* Handy Helper Award
* Happy Handwriting Award
* Happy Hugger Award
* Homework Hero Award
* Immense Imagination Award
* iReady Math Award
* iReady Reading Award
* Lots of Leadership Award
* Marvelous Manners Award
* Math Magician Award
* Miss Manners Award
* Perseverance Award
* Positive Participation Award
* Radical Reader Award
* Really Responsible Award
* Refined Writing Award
* Rockin' Reader Award
* Sincerity Award
* Sunny Smile Award
* Super Citizenship Award
* Super Scientist Award
* Team Player Award
* Tech Support Award
* Welcome Aboard Award

Click to get:

Sunday, May 21, 2017


I just made these EDITABLE graduation certificates for my K students!  These are all 'wise owl' themed, so they can be used for students of any gender or ethnicity. 

Here's a sneak peek:

Click to get:

Friday, May 19, 2017

How We Get Home Labels

Per request, these have been updated!  I use these at the beginning of the year with my kindergarten students.  Simply laminate, slice, and attach to a backpack using a zip tie OR print as labels to stick on shirts. 

Labels included in this set:
1 - Car Rider
2 - Walker
3 - Bus Rider
4 - Bus # ____
5 - Day Care
6 - Bike Rider
7 - Team Up
8 - Extended Day
9 - Tutoring
10 - Parent Pick Up
11 - Blank label with star graphic (make your own!)

Click to get:

Monday, May 8, 2017


I have finally updated my Mother's Day item!  Currently 50% off!

This bundle includes:

* Questionnaire for Mom
* Questionnaire for Grandma
* Mother's Day Coupons (write on the line)
* Mother's Day Coupons (pre-filled)
* Friendly Letter to Mom
* Drawing/Writing Activity

I may add more to this later, so feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.  :)

Aaaaannnd....the preview:

Click to get:

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Once again, I have found myself creating materials to help my students get additional practice beyond our curriculum.  This bundle reviews 2D and 3D shapes with a bit more depth.  I may add more pages later, but right now need to work on lesson plans!!

For some reason, my cover page cracked me up.  I felt like I needed to label the shapes since it looked like the two kids were partying a little TOO hard.  LOL!!

Here's screenshot and you can check out the preview on TPT:

Can you see those tiny pics? 
Click to get:

Friday, May 5, 2017


Well, I have finally made this, but many of those here in Jax probably have already taught this topic, but hey...there's always next year!  I wasn't sure whether to call this one "Colonial Trades" or "Colonial Jobs" so it's sort of a combination of the two, since I'm not sure if being a farmer was considered a trade or not.  

Here's a sneak peek:

Click to get:

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Our adventure continues in Colonial America!

This week, we used my (ahem - just made on TPT) bartering pages.  Each child chose their Colonial job: they could either have a trade in town or live in the country as a farmer.  

The mission: barter your products in order to get eight food items, four clothing items, and four items made from wood or metal to take back home.  The final produce should look something like this:

After choosing their line of work, everyone got busy coloring their products and making their own advertisements.  I was the local carpenter, specializing in making wooden beds.  First, I modeled how to promote my product with a bit of exaggeration (Yes I did sneak in a bit of persuasive writing, didn't I?) and then stood in front of my little "Colonists" to brag about the most awesome, comfortable beds in Colonial America!  Each student got to do the same thing, and some of their ads were a hoot to read!!  I don't know who gave them the idea to put "50% off" though....

Finally, one of my wonderful parents donated supplies so we could experience the job of a Colonial baker!  The dough was mixed inside a gallon-sized Ziploc, which guessed it...NO MESS!  We passed it around and everyone got to help knead the big bag before I passed out their individual bags.  If you do this activity, be sure to double-bag your dough, as the children tend to squish and mix the dough with all of their might.  

The best part, however, was a parent's idea - give the kids pre-made bags of pizza dough to knead.  Well, I'll tell you what...those children needed to knead!!  They pounded, stretched, beat, elbowed, and killed that dough!  It was hilarious!  The kids ate pre-made bread sticks afterwards, so we didn't have to bake in class - yay!  Finally, a successful food experience!


Remember that Dunkin Donuts ad?  Well, here we are practicing the gentle art of kneading like the early Colonists...

Here are my darlings pounding the mess out of their dough!  It sounded like a train coming through my room.  Even though it was pre-made pizza dough, they still felt this desire to make sure it was well kneaded!  Here we see the use of elbows and stretching:

The use of "spanking" the dough (I've never thought of trying that...):

Finally, the common practice of pounding the the death!

I'm so glad I captured the gentle art of kneading by my kindergarten students - ha!


I just created this Day and Night Sky Bundle and have discounted it to $1.00!!  This includes:

* Daytime or Nighttime - Naming Pictures
* Day and Night Antonyms
* Draw and Write - Day Sky
* Draw and Write - Night Sky
* Day and Night Sort (t-frame style...words not pictures!)
* Day and Night Quiz
* 18 Colorful Sorting Cards (Headers included!)

Click to get:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Colonial Trades - Anchor Chart

We're studying Colonial America in kindergarten and I think the most interesting part of what we've learned so far has been the various trades of the day (well....bartering was pretty cool...see my previous post!).  We've read some text, watched some YouTube videos, and then the kids helped me come up with ideas for an anchor chart.  

The video we watched also included candle makers and printers, but of course, we forgot to include these!  We discussed our favorite trade, acted these out, and of course, the students drew their favorite one.  I'll let you guess what over HALF of my class chose....

Keep thinking.....

What could it be?



Some of my darling students drew pictures that looked like they were holding handguns!  Isn't it always nice to find out who was truly paying attention?  I'm sure that's going to go over well with my parents when they see the gun drawings!!  Ugh!

Here's our cute little reference chart:

Don't forget to check out my shameless self-promotion: 

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Once again, I feel disappointed by the lack of fun in the curriculum guide, so I had to make something, which ended up taking all day!!  We'll be learning about Colonial Life and the concept of bartering. 

I recall learning about this in fifth grade - not kindergarten - but alas, times have changed. Our teacher allowed us to create little food items to barter (I had one heck of a time trying to barter away my potatoes) and it was such a fun and memorable way to teach the concept.  So, I made a 'ready to print' version that I hope you find useful.   

Here's a little preview:

I hope you enjoy this!!
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Thursday, April 20, 2017



Do your students need to be gradually introduced to even and odd numbers?  Look no further!  I've included 10 differentiated pages, which gradually increase in difficulty.  

Students will cut, sort, and paste numbers using a handy-dandy reminder on the top of each page!  

Here's a preview of some of the pages.  Note the "reminder" at the top of each chart:
Click here to get: