Saturday, April 29, 2017


Our adventure continues in Colonial America!

This week, we used my (ahem - just made on TPT) bartering pages.  Each child chose their Colonial job: they could either have a trade in town or live in the country as a farmer.  

The mission: barter your products in order to get eight food items, four clothing items, and four items made from wood or metal to take back home.  The final produce should look something like this:

After choosing their line of work, everyone got busy coloring their products and making their own advertisements.  I was the local carpenter, specializing in making wooden beds.  First, I modeled how to promote my product with a bit of exaggeration (Yes I did sneak in a bit of persuasive writing, didn't I?) and then stood in front of my little "Colonists" to brag about the most awesome, comfortable beds in Colonial America!  Each student got to do the same thing, and some of their ads were a hoot to read!!  I don't know who gave them the idea to put "50% off" though....

Finally, one of my wonderful parents donated supplies so we could experience the job of a Colonial baker!  The dough was mixed inside a gallon-sized Ziploc, which guessed it...NO MESS!  We passed it around and everyone got to help knead the big bag before I passed out their individual bags.  If you do this activity, be sure to double-bag your dough, as the children tend to squish and mix the dough with all of their might.  

The best part, however, was a parent's idea - give the kids pre-made bags of pizza dough to knead.  Well, I'll tell you what...those children needed to knead!!  They pounded, stretched, beat, elbowed, and killed that dough!  It was hilarious!  The kids ate pre-made bread sticks afterwards, so we didn't have to bake in class - yay!  Finally, a successful food experience!

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