Monday, June 5, 2017


Are you looking for some awesome freebies for your classroom?  This Collaborative eBook has over 200 FREE product links from a wide variety of sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We have featured our BEST FREEBIES to share with you! 

All that is asked in return is that you "PAY IT FORWARD" by doing the following: 
* SHARE and 'LIKE' this link on social media.
* Leave FEEDBACK if you download a product - to recognize the work of each seller.  
* LIKE and FOLLOW stores - to stay informed of new products.
* FOLLOW sellers on SOCIAL MEDIA - to be the first notified of special offers and sales!  

I hope you enjoy this collaborative effort and enjoy exploring new stores!  Click below for a preview:

Click this link to DOWNLOAD:

To download my page:

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    1. It actually is pretty amazing. When you download the book from Oceanview's TPT page, all you have to do is click each link that you're interested in downloading. Something for everyone!